Boo Hoo is a series of interpreted text messages that were left without a response (more commonly known as 'Ghosted'). The illustrations depict the ghost in scenarios revolving around the text messages. Ghosting isn't a prideful act and being ghosted isn't an embarrassing act. The intent is not for viewers to be sad, but rather to show this happens to everyone. Everyone ghosts. Everyone is ghosted. This started with asking my friends to send me text messages that were left without a response. After only posting a few, I started receiving messages from people all around the United States with their ghosted text messages. Affirmations are added around the illustrations to reassure viewers that this moment does not define them. It's easy to feel insecure, unloved, and guilty when you're let down in this way. But, everyone deserves to believe that "IT-GTZ BTTR". All the submissions were completely confidential. I wanted people to know they can trust me while they're sharing a vulnerable moment.  The range of emotions shown from people looking at my silly little ghosts is the most incredible phenomenons. I've seen many people laugh with my ghosty guys. and others cry on site. Boo Hoo was broadcasted to over 27,000 people on Instagram, has 27,000 views on TikTok, and has been featured in Mouthy Magazine within 3 months. Prints of each piece in the series can be found here in my shop.